Microsoft's Free Top Gun 'Flight Simulator' Extension Has Arrived


Now that Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters, a matching Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on is rolling out as well. Microsoft and Asobo Studio have released free add-ons for both the Tom Cruise movie ads and for you to sample. US Navy real-world flight training You'll get the "Maverick Edition" uniform for the F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jet, but you'll also learn how to land on an aircraft carrier. maneuvers and navigate challenging terrain at low altitudes.

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There are also some more bizarre elements. You'll pilot a hypersonic plane from The Darkstar that can thrust Mach 10 and climb over 150,000 feet — for context, even the SR-71 Blackbird can't sustain a sustained flight of over 85,000 feet here. It's probably the closest you'll get to seeing the world from the stratosphere. Not to mention traveling at a speed that makes intercontinental flights seem insignificant.

Both movie and game add-ons took a long time to arrive. Top Gun: Maverick was originally slated to launch in July 2019, but the mix of action-set shooting and the COVID-19 pandemic has driven it. It took many rewinds until Paramount premiered on May 27, as the flight simulator add-on was closely linked to the movie.

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